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We started offering signage to our clients when we moved to our larger location at 1507 John Counter Blvd. approximately 8 years ago.
It was a natural fit with the equipment that we purchased. Given that I had experience in the sign industry when I ran Vinylgraphics in Kingston. Adding that service to our other products was not a hard decision to make. Our clients like to know that they can just pick up the phone, and with one call order any product they want and customize it to be used with their logo on it. They are assured that the logo and colors will all match. Their corporate identity is consistent from one product to the next. Whether they order embroidered jackets, hats or toques. Screen printed t-shirts sweatshirts or hoodies. Or vehicle graphics. Every product has their logo in it in the correct layout and color. As the industry has evolved we now offer full vehicle wraps for corporate vehicles.

Heat Transfers

Today, a few words about heat transfers. Transfers have been used for a long time in this industry, predominately for number on the backs of sports jerseys. With the advancement of different materials and more sophisticated heat transfer equipment. There is nothing that cannot be done as a heat transfer these days.
Heat transfer material comes in a large selection of different types of materials, glitter, sparkle, reflective, are just a few options that clients have when they want customized t-shirts.
Printable heat transfer material allows us to provide custom shirts for a people when they only need a few.
So when you are in need of custom products, don't think that silk screening is the only option. Ask us about customizing your t-shirt order using a heat transfer.

Screen Printing

Adding on to the information we are blogging about our next session will be on screen printing. Screen printing is an excellent of recreating the same custom image on a large number of garments. T-shirts are the item that is mostly printed, as a silk screen method. Although other items can and are silk screened, sweatshirts, hoodies sweat pants, bandanas, are some of the items that are silk screened. Silk screening is the process of forcing ink through a screen in order to reproduce a specific image. It is a very cost effective way to customize a garment for events, charities or companies. You can silk screen more than one color but the cost does increase with every additional color. Silk screening is an age old method of garment decoration and is still the most widely used method of simple decoration and customization.
Next episode, Heat transfers


As a follow up to our first blog. Let's talk about embroidery. Without  getting into a long drawn out, boring explanation of what embroidery is. I will assume that everyone knows that it is a method of garment decoration that uses a needle and thread to recreate the chosen logo.
Embroidery allows us, the distributor, to customize a shirt for the client.. That gives the client a more professional looking organization. Embroidery can be used to customize different types of garments, anything form t-shirts, golf shirts, dress shirts, to toques, hats and jackets. It is a timeless method of decoration, that gives the clients garments that extra level of professionalism.
If you want more information, just call us. we will gladly discuss how we can customize garments for your company.


So after getting the stress level under control we are finally getting around to starting our blog. The best way would be to start at the beginning. The company was founded in 2000, bought by Ted in 2007. We started out as an Embroidery and silk screening company. Specializing in custom printed t-shirts and custom embroidery. We have expanded into the signage industry over the last eight years. The easiest way to know what we do is this. We put corporate identity on products. If you want to show off your logo, then we can help you.

Over the nest few weeks we will expand on the services we offer.
If you want some specific information on products or services, please let us know.

Thanks for reading.
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